Terms and Conditions of Insurance Cover

Although the renter has insurance cover from Camel Car Hire with certain amount of excess as pointed out in the rental agreement, the renter is still liable for full damage to the Camel Car hire vehicle if caused by negligence or road conditions not suitable for the vehicle or driving in riverbeds and through water or driving on any terrain or road which has no road numbers as well as over speeding. Speed limit tar road is 100km/h. gravel road 60km/h. No night driving.

Driving not allowed (for Sedans Only) at  : To Sandwich Harbor, along Kunene, from Epupa falls eat on 3700 to 3701, Van Zyls Pass, through sal water, sandstorms, along riverbeds, off-road, in twilight, roads that are not registered.

Report every incident: tyre puncture, stuck in water or mud, driven through potholes and sandstorm damages etc, chipped tyres, sidewall inflates, deep cosmetic cuts, deep scratches are not accepted. No stepping on the roof.

Sedan vehicles are not allowed on any gravel or sand roads, penalty, deposit will be taken, a sum of
N$ 5000-00

I the renter have read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the insurance cover as set out above. I further agree that the said terms and conditions shall constitute a binding agreement between myself and Camel Car hire.

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